Athletes Without Frontiers Supporting Girls Education in Rural Kenya

In Kenya, girls are seen as weak and treated less than human…Education is the key to success. Without WISER, I would have been stranded…. Girls need to be educated so they can help build community. One girl can change a community.
— Lavender Paulette

Athletes Without Frontiers (AWF) partners with WISER to launch the largest campaign in WISER’s ten-year history: Raise $1 million in 300 days, changing a generation of girls forever.

Here’s how we can do this together.



Economic empowerment

Raise $100,000 to provide WISER’s first 60-person, state-of- the-art computer lab with high-speed Internet that will enable WISER to become a global center for innovation in teaching, learning and research. Imagine just how much can be learned from a simple Google Search?


Raise $720,000 to fund WISER’s entire incoming Class of 2021, 60 girls, each with a four-year scholarship to change the world by the girl effect and change generations of young women for years to come.


Raise $180,000 to connect WISER’s entire campus to sustainable solar energy to ensure i.) WISER’s lights stay on and ii.) WISER’s water treatment plant can keep clean, drinking water flowing every day. WISER provides the only source of clean, life-saving drinking water to WISER students, the government medical clinic, and community water points for 25,000 people.But when the power cuts out from the unreliable grid (happens often) or the petrol for the back-up generator runs out, water stops. Let’s change this.


To launch this incredible partnership, AWF’s eight founding members are competing in the World’s Toughest Bike Race - the 35 th Annual Race Across America (RAAM) - pedaling more than 3,000 miles to raise funds and awareness for WISER, worldwide. The race is from June 18 th - 25 th , 2016.

Join our giant, global movement to raise $1 million before the team crosses the RAAM finish line, thereby making history for girls in Kenya and changing a generation of girls forever.


Why Your Gift Matters Now

WISER currently has 120 girls in residence. With your help, we have the potential to double this number to 240, provide sustainable solar power, and connect girls to the world through a state-of-the- art computer lab with high-speed Internet. That’s changing a generation of girls forever.

Where Your Money Goes

$50 (Textbooks for 1 girl for 1 year)

$100 (Healthcare for 10 girls for 1 year)

$500 (School supplies for 25 girls for 1 year)

$1000 (Provides a safe place for 25 girls to live for 1 year)

*$3,000 (Scholarship for 1 girl for 1 year)

*$12,000 (Scholarship for 1 girl for 4 years)

*$24,000 (Scholarships for 2 girls for 4 years)

*$48,000 (Scholarships for 4 girls for 4 years)

*$96,000 (Scholarships for 8 girls for 4 years)

$100,000 Computer Center Benefactor (Computer center for all students)

$180,000 Solar System Benefactor (Solar power for the campus)

All scholarships include administrative costs.

Within this campaign, AWF is offering an opportunity for membership in five giving clubs. The benefits of these giving clubs will be announced on May 15, 2016. These clubs will solely be managed by the AWF founders and offer an opportunity to be a part of lifetime team of change-agents.